Twisted Piller

The Candle Happiness Correlation

Did you know burning candles actually increases your happiness? 

It’s true! According to the Happiness Research Institute, countries that are considered to be the happiest in the world burn significantly more candles than other countries. 

Unfortunately, most candies in the United States are toxic. Between the fragrance and metal wicks, they can disrupt your entire endocrine system- which in short, are the hormones that regulate all your body’s biological processes.

Not beeswax candles! Burning a high quality beeswax candle will actually purify the air in your home by releasing negative ions, causing pollutants (like dust and pollen) to fall. Amazing, right?!

But, In order for a candle to be marketed as “beeswax”- it only has to contain 51% beeswax.

We pride ourselves on bringing you our pure 100% NM beeswax candles with a nontoxic cotton wick. We source our wax from both the wax we render from our hives and other local apiaries.

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